Amateur Radio Exam Session

Date: July 11, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM – Noon

If you plan on arriving after 11 AM, please notify us so we will expect you, and know to wait.

Flagler County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
1769 E Moody Blvd (SR-100)
Bunnell, FL 32110

Walk-ins Welcome!

For more information, contact us at

What to bring:

$15 Testing Fee (Please bring exact change, or a check made out to ARRL)
Photocopy of drivers license or ID card.
Photocopy and original license if you are upgrading.
If you are upgrading and have not yet received you license in the mail, then a photocopy and original C.S.C.E.

Notes: On the 605 form you will be required to fill in either your SSN or your FRN. If you have an FRN you must use it or the FCC will not process your application. The FRN is not associated with any financial information so it is prefreable that you use it. See the “More Info” sidebar for information on obtaining an FRN from the FCC.

This exam session is sponsored by the Flagler Emergency Communications Association

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Flagler Field Day In The Press

Emergency management

Flagler ham radio operators join national field day

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EOC Hosts Field Day 2015 Event

Following is the Screen Capture from the site, mentioning our Field Day activities at the EOC. The same press release was submitted to the local media for inclusion in their next news cycle. To our knowledge, this is the first time that the County has issued press releases on behalf of a Field Day event.

Screenshot 2015-06-24 12.11.39

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EOC hosts ‘Field Day’ for radio enthusiasts


June 23, 2015 – Flagler County Emergency Management has supported local Ham Radio groups for decades because of the critical role they play when there is an emergency in Flagler County.

The annual American Radio Relay League Field Day will be held at the Emergency Operations Center on Saturday beginning at 2 p.m. and ending at 2 p.m. on Sunday – a full 24 hours.

“The primary focus is on preparedness and operating under emergency conditions,” said Mike Lee, a ham radio operator and volunteer Interim Radio Systems Manager for Flagler County. “Stations try to contact other stations and groups around the world to obtain points for all stations contacted.”

New antennas and operating procedures are tested, as amateur radio is a viable backup to the public safety systems within and outside of Flagler County.

Representatives from Flagler County’s three radio groups (listed alphabetically) – Flagler County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Flagler Emergency Communications Association and the Flagler Palm Coast Amateur Radio Club – will work together as one team under the guidance and coordination of Emergency Management.

“This does not preclude other organizations from having their own event,” Lee said.

The team will use the same tactics that would be used to establish emergency communications during an event like a hurricane.

“This is really about training and working together,” said Bob Pickering, Flagler County Emergency Management Technician. “Some of these amateur radio operators are certified radio technicians and the volunteer at the EOC to help with routine maintenance to maintain the county’s emergency communications.”

The public is invited and encouraged to visit the operation in progress. The Emergency Operations Center is located at 1769 E. Moody Blvd., Building 3, Bunnell.

For more information, go to






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Flagler DMR – Update and Initial Talk-Groups

Phil (K5BBC) and I were successful in connecting and configuring the internet to the DMR machine yesterday – all of the talk-groups below have been tested with 2 radios going through the c-Bridge and into their respective Conference Groups.

Repeater frequency is 444.975,  +5 Mhz offset, Color Code=1

Talk Groups are configured as follows in the attached PDF

KF4EMV DMR Talk-Group List

More changes are bound to be in the near future – we’ll post them here as they are anticipated and implemented.

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Flagler DMR to get Internet Connection this Weekend

The Flagler DMR system on 444.975 will be getting it’s internet connection this weekend.

After a brief period of testing, we will release the new trunk-groups for general use. Tentatively, we expect the following TG line-ups – but do NOT program your radios with this line-up yet. We noticed a few weeks ago that the repeater has TG9 programmed on TS1 (instead of TS2), so there will need to be some changes made in the near future. We have also added ALL-FLORIDA although this is not reflected on the list below.

Other parameters of the repeater:

  • Frequency = 444.975 +5 Mhz
  • Color Code = 1
  • Time Slot = 1 for TG9 (current), but moving to TS2

KF4EMV-Michigan-state TS1 TG3126
KF4EMV-NJ-state TS1 TG3134
KF4EMV-Ohio-state TS1 TG3119
KF4EMV-California-State TS1 TG3160
KF4EMV-TAC-310 TS1 TG310
KF4EMV-TS2 to TS2 NJ TS2 TG9000
KF4EMV-TAC-123 TS1 TG123


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There will be an ICS class available on the following dates

7/29/2015 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM there will be the following classes

ICS 100

ICS 700

Both are free and usually finish before 5 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners and employees regarding public business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may be subject to public disclosure.

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147.300 to change to KF4EMV

We will be making a change to the 147.300 machine’s call-sign this coming weekend. For years, this machine has had the call sign of KB4RSY – but it was always a County owned and operated asset. Starting this weekend, it will change its call-sign to KF4EMV – in recognition of it being a County asset – and used for all County sanctioned purposes (including rag-chews, and of course, for Nets).

This will be come Flagler ARES’ “home repeater”, since there exists a formal MOU between Flagler County Emergency Management and Flagler ARES. As such, this machine will be available for any ARES functions – whether the regular weekly Nets, Skywarn Nets and call-outs.

The call sign of KF4EMV was acquired a few years ago to support Flagler County Emergency Management Volunteers – but unfortunately, there was so much political strife in those days that we chose to have it sit dormant until the right situation. In addition to KA4RES – the two call signs are meant to demonstrate the complementary purpose of ARES and the Flagler County Emergency Management mission.

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June ARES meeting – 6/18 @1830

The June meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 18th @ 1830 at the Flagler County EOC on East Moody Blvd. in Bunnell.

This meeting will finalize the plans for the EOC Field Day.


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Antenna Work Group at EOC – Saturday at 09:00

We will be rigging the pulley’s and ropes for the HF wire antennas at the EOC tomorrow, starting at 09:00.

A bucket truck will be available on loan from the City of Bunnell and should arrive at about 08:45. They will be dropping-off the truck for our crew to operate. Rick Reuther will be our bucket operator, since he is the only one who has been approved by the City and County at this time.

Marine-grade, Stainless Steel pulley’s along with Dacron rope will be used for the project. We will be permanently mounting the pulleys along with the feeder lines, so they can be instantly put into operation for future HF operations (in case of a real emergency).

Note – we will NOT be installing antennas tomorrow, since that would require blocking-off of the parking lot.

Please park on the NORTH side of the building (between the Potato Palace and the EOC), since there will be another volunteer event inside the training room of the EOC starting at the same time.


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